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Success Fee

Payment for successful placement

Success fee

Why is the Success Fee best for you?

  • You are looking for a managerial position and need exceptional care.
  • You need extra support in the recruitment process.
  • Need to place a highly specific job position.
  • You pay for the service after the candidate starts.
  • We provide a guarantee for the candidate during the probationary period.
What can you expect?

During the recruitment process, the consultant will be your right hand. Our recruiter will help you with the organization of interviews, professional testing of candidates and will do the 1st round of the selection process.


We hunt for candidates, we don't wait for their response.We're not just advertisers on job portals. We actively seek out candidates and meet them.


Reaching the entire market. Our experienced consultants actively reach out to all available profiles not only on job portals but also on social media.


Success Fee in numbers

In 2023 we made a total of 80+ Success fee.
1 +
We will successfully fill at least 25% of the positions.
1 %
We typically send an average of 6 candidates for the position.
3 out of 4 candidates are invited by the client for an interview
1 Out Of 4
8 out of 10 positions cannot be filled by our clients for more than 6 months.
1 Out Of 10
How we deal

We Deal With a Similar Situation...

Client needed to fill a newly created position of a Controlling Specialist in the construction sector. Within one month, we managed to send 4 candidates who met the position’s criteria to the company. The collaboration concluded with an accepted job offer from the candidate.

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