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About Us.

We leverage tech and recruiter expertise for client hiring solutions.

Who we are

Innovation in Talent Acquisition

We specialize in leveraging technology and AI in recruitment. We combine technology and the expertise of our senior recruiters to meet the client’s needs in recruiting and provide innovative solutions for effective talent acquisition.

Content Drives Engagement

Engaging content captivates audiences, fostering connections, and promoting brand loyalty.

Elevated Reputation

High-quality content enhances credibility, trust, and authority within your industry and beyond.

Team Accomplishments

Talent'em achievements

  • We are proud of our retention rate and 75% of our clients return to us repeatedly.
  • In 2023, our recruiters successfully guided 915+ candidates through the selection process and helped them find their dream job
  • We have developed our own recruitment technology and actively use artificial intelligence

Our vision

Our vision is to reshape the future of HR by seamlessly integrating AI, fostering a culture of continuous learning, and becoming a global leader in innovative talent solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize recruitment through cutting-edge technology, human expertise, and unwavering commitment to our clients, ensuring exceptional talent acquisition experiences and lasting partnerships.

How we deal

We Deal With a Similar Situation...

The client had long struggled to fill a challenging position for a steelworker, requiring physical fitness and work in high temperatures, located in the Central Bohemian Region. Traditional recruitment methods had been unsuccessful, so they decided to use the Social Tech service.

During a tailor-made 3-week campaign, the client gained more than 15 applicants for the position, from which they selected 2 new employees after the selection process.

Our Uniqueness

What Makes Us Different?

Utilizing AI Tools in Recruitment

We use AI for faster recruitment - every recruiter at Talent'em actively works with AI tools and we regularly train our staff in this area

We provide the highest quality

We're not just CV senders - every candidate goes through the hands of experienced recruiters and we only send verified profiles

We build partnerships

We establish partnerships with our clients - we can always stand behind a job well done, and experienced recruiters will be at your disposal throughout the relationship

Highly adaptable

We respond quickly to changes and client needs, we are not looking for lengthy processes.

Success story

Task: Recruitment of basic roles in customer service and sales. Our results in 4 weeks (20 days / 160 hours) using 2 consultants and internal recruitment technology.

1400 total candidates contacted
0 +
Candidates on the pre-screen
Success rate interview versus offer
0 %
Interviews arranged

Other Opportunities For Cooperation

Salary survey

The salary survey will help you check your competitiveness and get an overview of the amount and structure of the salary paid compared to your competitors.

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

We will become your strategic partners for all activities related to the recruitment process. We use specialized knowledge and resources to execute effective recruitment campaigns, sourcing and pre-selecting candidates, assessing skills and managing the entire recruitment cycle.

HR Consulting

Advice and problem-solving in the recruitment, development and retention of human capital. Evaluating internal HR processes, from organizational structure, growth, and remuneration plans to HR audits.

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