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Combination of AI technology, marketing and recruiting

Social tech

Why is Social Tech the best for you?

  • We’ll help you fill the position you’re looking for.
  • We combine HR expertise with marketing tools.
  • We reach a unique group of candidates with a sponsored social media campaign.
  • Great solution for blue-collar recruitment.
Sponsored Sourcing

Recruitment Through Social Networks

Social Tech is a combination of our voicebot Tony, a social media and recruitment expert. We offer an alternative source of candidates, using a sponsored campaign to reach suitable candidates for the role you are offering. This recruitment tool is suitable for less skilled or soft skill positions and volume recruitment of unskilled blue-collar employees.
We are experienced in filling these roles:





Client Service

Client Service



What can you expect?
Thanks to artificial intelligence and years of marketing experience, we can use social networks as an alternative recruitment tool. Working with us is fast and efficient.
67 %

Voicebot helps with market outreach and preselection of first candidates. It contacts them by phone and schedules a follow-up interview with the recruiter.

80 -⁠ 200

Contacts acquired With a sponsored campaign we can reach more candidates than with advertising.

3 Weeks

The campaign lasts at least minimum 3 weeks. During this time we will create the campaign and get the necessary number of contacts. Recruiter sends you a summary of them on an ongoing basis.

Key Statistics

Social Tech In Numbers

1 %
of candidates complete a call with Voicebot
Average number of contacts received from the campaign in 3 weeks
0 Minutes
is how much Voicebot saves internal HR. Voicebot can get the information they need in just 2 minutes
1 X
Social media campaigns have 30 times the reach of advertising

Sample of the call with Our Voicebot Tony

High Volume Hiring
Our AI technologies revel in mass recruitment. We'll strengthen your internal recruiting/HR capabilities, help you reach potential candidates, screen applicants, invite them to interviews or communicating important information. The entire service can be personalized to your company's needs.
150 calls

can be handled by our voicebot Tony in 1 hour

90 seconds

is enough for Tony to succeed Potential candidates choose their own time options for the phone call + don't get bogged down by social conventions.


Success Story

Task: recruitment of basic roles in customer service and sales Our results in 4 weeks (20 days / 160 hours) using 2 consultants and internal recruitment technology.
1 +
1400 total candidates contacted
candidates on the pre-screen
interviews arranged
1 %
success rate interview versus offer
Price of the service

Starting 44.900 CZK without VAT + PPC credits (200-500 EUR)

  • Setting up and preparing a tailored social media campaign
  • Advice from an expert consultant
  • Regular evaluation and reporting
  • Campaign management
  • Voicebot setup Pre-screen of acquired contacts

Payment terms: Payment for campaign management – advance invoice 100% before the campaign starts Payment for PPC credit after the end of the campaign – due within 14 days.

How we deal

We Deal With a Similar Situation

The client had long struggled to fill a challenging position for a steelworker, requiring physical fitness and work in high temperatures, located in the Central Bohemian Region. Traditional recruitment methods had been unsuccessful, so they decided to use the Social Tech service.

During a tailor-made 3-week campaign, the client gained more than 15 applicants for the position, from which they selected 2 new employees after the selection process.

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