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executive search

Why Executive Search is the Best For You

  • You have experience with classic SF and nothing ever came of it.
  • A consultant reaches out to the entire market.
  • Guarantee
  • You need to REALLY fill the position.
Key Statistics

What Can You expect?

Guaranteed Activity

We will be actively working on the position and will give it priority.


Expect regular reporting
The consultant will be available to you and you will always know the current status of the collaboration. 


Reaching the entire market
You will be sure that we reach all active candidates and not just CV senders. We will process candidates for your position exclusively with you.

Recruitment Expert

Comparing Success Fee & Executive Search

Success Fee

  • Pay for result
  • Senior Recruiter

Executive Search

  • Activity guarantee
  • Regular reporting
  • Use of Al
  • Higher % occupancy 
  • Pay for result
  • Market analysis
  • Consultation services
  • Long list of candidates
  • Exclusivity
  • Expert testing
  • Senior Recruiter
  • VIP Recruiter + Researcher

Executive Search in Numbers

The chances of successfully filling a position are 4 times higher than in the classic Success Fee model
1 x
We successfully fill at least 80% of the positions we seek.
1 %
8 out of 10 positions cannot be filled by our clients for more than 6 months.
1 out of 10
We send 6 candidates on average per position to fill it
3 out of 4 candidates are invited by the client for an interview and arrive
1 out of 4
How we deal

And We Dealt With A Similar Situation With...

The client was struggling to fill the position of a Sales Representative. After initiating our collaboration, we began reaching out to the market and within the first week of cooperation, we sent the client the first candidate profile. The candidate met the specified requirements and fit perfectly into the company. Candidate received job offer, which was accepted. The entire project was concluded within 3 weeks of commencement.

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